who we are

Hey! Thanks for getting curious about what uptown annie is all about. My name is Annika (Anne-ick-ah) and I launched uptown annie in March of 2020 when a hobby turned into a small business thanks to some supportive and encouraging friends (you know who you are). uptown annie is a female owned small business located in Minneapolis, Minnesota dontcha know? All of our prints are hand drawn digitally inspired by the passions, people, and beauty in my life. I want to celebrate your passions too! So send me any and all ideas or recommendations you have of what I should draw next and I just might try it out! 


The Lord put it on my heart to use this shop as an opportunity to serve the homeless community and by shopping with uptown annie you are a part of that so thank you! I am so grateful to be able to give a portion of all profits to Simpson Housing Services. Their mission is to house, support, and advocate for people experiencing homelessness. To learn more about Simpson Housing Services click here


Thanks for learning all about who we are here at uptown annie. And remember... your walls will thank you!